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This site is intended to display all the freely available files on the Internet.

You can upload (more info about your site being hosted on this site) your own file for a low price. You pay once (not every month as in most competitors) and your file will be held in the archive indefinitely (never deleted).

This site not only links to files, but displays them as full-featured Web pages in a format convenient for users to browse and search engines to index. It adds metadata to files in format convenient for people and search engines.

Or use a full-featured Web hosting where VPS is less expensive than of most competitors (ad):

Or the world-best in my opinion VPS that can be paid for by many means including putting there a donation link for your project and accepting third-party payments and even payments in crypto.

While inevitably (because files are uploaded by anybody) some of the files uploaded here duplicate files from other sites, most of the files presented on this site were not available in Google index before publishing them at this site. Some files are copies of such things as Wikipedia pages, but this site nevetheless adds value because it links to archived versions of the pages that are different than versions of the pages indexed by Wikipedia itself that represent the state of files in free society without the risk of being damaged by a censorship.

By clicking like/share buttons you are bound to follow the relevant social network's guidelines.

You are allowed to upload through the Upload link only files conforming to international laws and relevant Google's guidelines.

If you find an illegal file at this site, please report it to Google to be excluded from the index (it will also be excluded from this site interface).

The amazing story of the site's creator.

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This site is a business of Victor Porton dba Zon Directory registered in Ashkelon, Israel.